The "Remember Project" is the whisper in the wind of the Holy Spirit of the Lord.  It began in a night vision given to me in the second week of September 2017.  In this vision, I was shown a large picture of a nativity scene and the word "REMEMBER" at the top of it in large gold letters.  When I awoke, immediately I pondered and prayed about its meaning.  It seems like the whole world is falling apart, even in our own country.  And while tensions grow, our government and politicians seek ways to put it all back together again, while darkening clouds settle in on our people.  What is the answer?  The wisdom of man cannot fix the world's problems.  But our country can be like a shining city on a hill, to our people and the world.  

The Holy Spirit of the Lord is asking something of us as believers and body of Christ, during this Christmas season...Rise up from darkness.  Put up an outside nativity scene, if you are able, (no matter how simple, elaborate, small or large), in the front of your Yard... Business...or Church.  And light it up with a spotlight and the word "REMEMBER" on it for all to see.  Do this as a sign of "Faith" and the Holy Spirit will do the rest...with a soft knock on the hearts of passersby to remind them there is peace, joy and hope that the world cannot offer them, in Jesus Christ; who came from heaven to earth as a tiny baby that night so very long ago.  He came to live and die for each one of us personally because he loves us so much, a love so deep it's beyond all human understanding.  

We are also making available "Remember" button pins and Christmas envelope seals for you to purchase at below our own cost; see order information page.

Let's light up our neighborhoods, towns and cities with the answer to the problems mankind cannot solve.  There is hope and healing for each one  us, our families, our cities and our country, in Jesus Christ.

A powerful wave of light is rising up from the darkness this Christmas...the Bride of Christ speaking in one voice with the simplest thing...a nativity scene that says "remember"; standing up and coming together, making way for the move of the Holy Spirit of the Lord.

"When Jesus spoke again to the people, he said, "I am the light of the world." Whoever follows me will never walk in darkness but will have the light of life."  John 8:12 

"You are the "light" of the world, like a city on a hill everyone can see".  Matthew 5:14

"The people who sat in darkness have seen a great "light".  2 Peter 1:19

"In the same way, let your good deeds "shine out" for all to see, so that everyone will praise your heavenly Father".  Matthew 5:16

About Us

My husband, William B. Boedeker and I, Deborah Carrington-boedeker live in Lake St. Louis, Missouri with our four furry kids...where we have been active in bringing God into the public arena.  We began "Halo-Wing" (a Christian Alternative to the traditional scary Halloween), an annual community free event, in our front yard over 10 years ago.  As the word spread and the number of our visitors increased, more and more of our friends/angels volunteered to help us make it possible to move it to the park and then we changed the name to "Halo-Wing In The Park" in 2015.  

In 2017, we were honored to bring "Halo-Wing" to "Fox2 News in the Morning with Kim Hudson"; were listed on Joy99.1 calendar of events, spotlighted by our local paper "Newstime" and in "Neighborhood Magazine."  

We invite you to learn more about "Halo-Wing In The Park" at our face book page: We loved doing Halo-Wing and meeting and seeing the smiling faces of the children, teens, mothers, fathers, grandparents and the young at heart who visited us over the last ten years.  We thank you.  And though 2017 was our last year for Halo-Wing In The Park....We are presently in the planning and transitioning stage to bringing you "Christmas In The Park", coming in December 2019.  See ya there!  God Bless


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Old French Chidren's Rhyme

Fre're Jacques,  Fre're Jacques,

Dormez-vous?  Dormez Vous?

Sonnez les Matines!

Sonnez les Matinas!

Ding, dang, dong,

Ding, dang, dong 

English Translation

Brother John,  Brother John,

Are you sleeping?  Are you sleeping?

Ring the Bells for midnight prayers

Ring the Bells for midnight prayers

Ding, dang, dong

Ding, dang, dong

Holy Spirit of The Lord Translation

Bride of Christ,  Bride of Christ

Are you sleeping?  Are you sleeping?

"Wake up, O sleeper

Rise from the dead

And Christ will give you light."

(Ephesians 5:14)

Attention: "FREE Drawing"

Email entries to:

Residents: forward us a picture of your "Remember" outdoor nativity scene to be posted on our website, and you will be put in a drawing for (this)  FREE Indoor Nativity Scene.  Picture at right.  Drawing to be held on December 31, 2018.

Churches:  forward us your "Remember" outdoor nativity scene picutre with your church name and address, to be posted on our website...welcoming our site viewers to visit your church this Christmas season.

Businesses:  forward us your "Remember" outdoor nativity scene picture, with your business name and address, so that our site viewers may patron your business this Christmas season and say thank you.